All About The Recycle Factor

People often ask me how I do my pricing and the truth is there is an extensive amount of thought put into the process. Apart from condition, the value an item holds depends on the brand. 

Market value for designer items truly depends on the brand itself and how much luxury sustainability it has in todays market. Certain items depreciate more similar to how a car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot. On average Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes hold the most value thanks to their superior branding (did you know we offer 70% back on these brands when they are consigned?!). Other brands like Gucci, Burberry etc. sustainability depends more on condition, year it was made and how much production it has had.

Luxury Sustainability

Some tips on sustaining value:

  • Treat your goods with the thought that you may resale them one day
  • Always store them in their dustbag/boxes (always ask for one when you purchase) to ensure protection, after all they come with a dustbag for a reason! 
  • Hang on to your original packaging. This comes in really handy for a resale gift or for someone who also takes precaution with caring for their goods
  • Stuff handbags to hold their shape and to ensure there is no unnecessary creasing to the leather 
  • Follow the care instructions the luxury sales assistant gave when you purchased it or ensure to read the care card if it came with one
  • Don't leave your cosmetics loose! Ensure you are using a cosmetics case so there is no makeup transfer (yikes!) 
  • Invest in goods that hold value so you can make the most back on resale

At the end of the day, we fall in love with goods for the passion of fashion! Take care of your items and know that we will help you get the most of your investment back.