Resale How To's & Condition Details/Ratings

To consign: We require you to send an email, attaching photographs of your Luxury item (front, back, inside, sides) of the item(s) that you are consigning, with the subject line CONSIGNMENT and clarify any stains, smells etc. After we have received your photos we will reach out to you confirming acceptance and the next steps which would include booking and appointment for us to examine the item in person. Please note, if you do not have an appointment and come unannounced, we may not be able to get back to you with details of your items right away. Original receipts are necessary! Some items take time to sell so if you wish to skip the wait inquire about our direct purchase buyout!

Please note we reserve the right to withhold your item if request back prior to a three month period. Once administration & marketing fees are paid you can have your item back. Your item will NOT be returned until this fee is paid in full via direct transfer only with no exceptions. 

Payouts are once a month for sales the month prior. We can only take items that are well cared for. 

Valamode Vintage a la Mode offers the following percentage of payouts:

Seventy percent (70%) on all brands that sell over $500

Sixty percent (60%) on all  brands that sell under $500

Sixty percent (60%) on all shoes except Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes which will receive Seventy percent (70%)

We thoroughly examine and rate all items being consigned. Our rating system is determined by the condition and value of the items in the current market.

Each item will have details along side a rating system based out of 10. 

Example: This item is rated in Fair (F) condition 7/10 


Item shows significant wear and use
Item shows some signs of wear and use
Very Good
Items shows light wear
Item shows faint wear
Pristine 9.9/10 Item shows no visible wear


Due to the limited nature of these goods, all items purchased are non-refundable. If your item is grossly misrepresented, we may offer an exchange for the full purchase price, excluding shipping charges incurred by the post office. These highly rare exchanges must be postmarked within 72 hours of the original delivery date and shipping via traceable and insured mail. For items received after this time period, we reserve the right to deny the exchange. We will also be holding back a restocking 5% fee and under no circumstances will we be refunding your shipping charge. 

We do our best to give thorough details for every item listed. If you have any question we ask that you please email us at and we will be happy to assist you. 

Due to the limited quantity of these consigned items all sales are final and non-refundable. Furthermore, please note that we are uploading product photos and resale pricing on an ongoing basis. At times, there may be a delay in uploading product photos and resale pricing while authenticating items. As stated above, please be sure to ask all questions prior to your purchase. We are a luxury resale and consignment store with a showroom & online presence connecting buyers & sellers of authentic handbags & accessories. Valamode Inc. does not claim to represent or be associated to any brands sold on our website or social media platforms. The ownership of any trademarks in relation to the products sold on our website is reserved to the original brand holder. Valamode Inc. is not affiliated with any brand. Brands are not responsible for any purchase from this website and do not guarantee the authenticity of any product sold. Authenticity opinion & guarantee is offered solely by Valamode Inc.  

Valamode Inc. is not an authorized seller or licensed distributor, is not associated or affiliated with, and is not a representative of any trademarks shown in relation to the products sold on our website or social media platforms, as these trademarks are owned and controlled by the trademark owner.