Valamode Luxury Resale Reminders

It has been awhile since I've published an update. Thanks to you, we have built an incredible resale community that believes in supporting us as a small business, all while giving a new loving home to that fab resale find! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss some resale best practices and elaborate on what we specialize in. Handbags literally make my heart skip a beat! For some, it can be shoes. For others, it's jewellery or clothes. We don’t specialize in clothes, so, our preference is to refer those pieces to other reputable shops that we personally consign our clothes and high fashion pieces with.

We specialize in the resale of previously loved luxury brands specific to Handbags and Accessories. Top tier, best of the best brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Dior etc. that are sitting in your closet! 

We price these items based on Market Sustainability (does the brand retain value?) Relatively to our market place (how popular is this item?) and Condition (how "loved" is this item?).


Steps To Take Before You Consign:

1. Don't forget to clean the interior of your bag! We have found some wild things left behind from shocking to hilarious ( handcuffs, you cheeky devils!) to precious (always returned to you of course!). The same concept applies to your shoes. A simple baby wipe to the bottom and interior is needed before your drop them off.

2. Find that dustbag, box and receipt (hoping you kept it!). This is not a make or break, however, it does help us identify key factors faster. At times, it may help sell it faster as a complete set. Please note we never, ever pass on your receipts given it violates privacy laws. It is kept in-house as part of the consignment intake and destroyed when the item is sold. 

3. Be sure of your decision. (Say it louder, for the ladies in the back!) It is very brave to let go of your item! It also takes a lot of time, effort and detail on our end to find a loving home for it so you will be subject to a fee if you change your mind and decide to have it back.  

Steps To Take During Consignment:

1. Stay patient! Some things sell fast…and good things take time. Dropping your items off and expecting it online the next day, or even two three days later, is unrealistic. Authentication, reaching out to wish-list clients, creating listings and photographing items, take time.

2. Stay in touch! But not every day. ;-) We love hearing from you! However a daily dm, email or text is not necessary. A monthly touch base makes great sense! 

3. Be sure to check your junk mail just in case our emails or payouts which are usually twice a month after our inventory update, get stuck in there. (So important!)

Looking back at all the beautiful consigned items we’ve had and all the incredible people we have met, grateful is an understatement! Thank you so so so much for believing in Valamode and continuously bringing us your luxury items! We love finding new homes for them!